Indiana home owner latest victim in a series of unusual residential burglaries

Indiana burglary victim is hoping that video surveillance footage can help identify a suspect – If smart people learn from their mistakes, that must make me a super genius, because ... Continue Reading →

Simplicam introduces a video surveillance system that can recognize a human face

Review of the Simplicam with face detection technology – Webcams have come a long way from the early 1990s when they were used as a way for a group of lazy nerds at Cambridge ... Continue Reading →

Beverly Hills nanny helps police catch a residential burglary suspect

In most neighborhood, 3:00 PM is considered prime time for burglars working the day shift. Homeowners are still chained to their desks at work, and depending on whether or not they ... Continue Reading →

Lancaster Pennsylvania resident shot during a home invasion robbery

I am certain that you are already well versed in the dos and don’ts of home security. You know that you need to lock your doors, windows, invest in an alarm system, and under ... Continue Reading →
Isolated security camera

Police in Charleroi Pennsylvania using security cameras to fight crime

In the past, many communities have regarded police monitored CCTV programs with some suspicion. They were often perceived as being an ineffective deterrent to crime, vulnerable to ... Continue Reading →
Elderly man with gun

Visually impaired Tampa resident shoots his nephew during a home invasion

Recently, a Florida man found himself living out my own personal nightmare scenario, when he responded to what he assumed was the sound of an intruder breaking into his home. It is ... Continue Reading →

Why the poor commit more violent crime than the rich

Poverty and its effect on the rates of violent crime – Recently, a team of researchers led by Amir Sariaslan of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, set out to discover the causes ... Continue Reading →