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The GE 45117 wireless door alarm

Review of the Ge 45117 - You will find new home security products and services appearing monthly, so many that it will be hard to keep up with all of them. Some are apparently thought exceptionally well of by their customers and may or may not live up to the praise. A few of these products and services are actually quite outstanding, and are deserving of the positive reviews they have been receiving, and are definitely worth checking out. On the short list of outstanding new products entering the .....Read the full post.

The GE 50246 door alarm

Review of the GE 50246 - In the past home security was only an issue for those living in, or around a major city. However, for the past few decades, things have been slowly getting more dangerous, and now it really doesn’t matter where you live, crime is an issue that we will all have to deal with eventually. Protecting your home does not always require you to spend thousands of dollars on a state-of-the-art  alarm system. For less than twenty dollars, the GE 50246 door alarm will provide you .....Read the full post.

The GE 51107 smart home wireless alarm system

Review of the GE 51107 - Keeping your home and family safe should be important to you. Due to the current state of the economy, burglaries and other property crimes are on the rise. Some families have turned to installing expensive monitored alarm systems. This is not necessarily the way you have to go. There are more inexpensive ways to protect your home, the GE 51107 smart home wireless alarm system kit is one such option. The cost of this system will run less than thirty dollars, a bargain considering .....Read the full post.

The Master lock 265D door brace

My wife and I decided to purchase the Master lock 265D security bar, after my next-door neighbor was victimized during a home invasion robbery. Needless to say it shook us up and made us reevaluate our current home security plan. We have a monitored alarm system installed, but so did my next-door neighbors. I decided we needed something extra to beef up our existing protection. Make your door burglarproof - The Master Lock 265D is a very strong product, and it will secure your doors against most .....Read the full post.

The Master Lock 266D window and patio door lock with alarm

Review of the Master Lock 266D -  If the national crime data holds true, there is a home being burglarized right now as you are reading this article. Surprisingly, most of these crimes happen because the home owners have no home security protection for their windows or patio doors…this is a open invitation for criminals. In my opinion, the best way to protect this favorite point of entry for burglars, is by installing impact resistant glass, followed by a glass break detector. While both solutions .....Read the full post.